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What is TLC (Throne Legacy Capital) ?

THRONE LEGACY CAPITAL (TLC) is a tech-driven integrated investment platform offering innovative solutions to worldwide users. Founded in 2019 and headquartered in Hong Kong, the company was established by finance professionals and forex experts. TLC is fast growing into a reputed forex trading company with its fresh approach to investment supported by the latest finance innovations. Its business development plan includes equity, forex, bond, capital investment consulting, short-term financial investment and trustee asset management. Through outstanding performance in forex trading, TLC is committed to creating infinite opportunity for clients to gain long-term profits.
TLC strives to provide investors with an unparalleled trading platform that is highly stable and secure, with competitive spreads, convenient deposit and withdrawal experience, professional customer service team and the most precise market quotes while standing by their interests. We are always on the lookout for sustainable investment solutions to generate secure and transparent returns for clients. Good business reputation and professional service have made TLC the preferred choice of an increasing number of global investors.
TLC officially becomes a member company of IBH Investment Bank in 2019. The partnership will see the two companies working together to create a groundbreaking and innovative forex model, aiming to build a business that truly benefits all.




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